Divisive figure Pauline Hanson will take on Lockyer MP Ian Rickuss for the seat in the looming state election
Divisive figure Pauline Hanson will take on Lockyer MP Ian Rickuss for the seat in the looming state election Jorge Branco

Pauline Hanson's politics won't draw-in defending MP

HE MAY be facing one of Queensland's most well-known politicians but Ian Rickuss said "personality politics" would not play any role for Lockyer voters.

Mr Rickuss, who has represented Lockyer for the Nationals and then the LNP since 2004, will face One Nation's Pauline Hanson at next year's election.

Ms Hanson, who lives in the adjacent electorate of Beaudesert, announced on Tuesday she would be running in Lockyer.

Mr Rickuss said he looked forward to a strong challenge and a debate on "ideas and policies that will best benefit (the) local area, the electorate".

"I will stand by my representation for the area over the last 10 years, and particularly since the LNP obtained government in 2012, the improvement in state services and infrastructure in the Lockyer has been substantial," he said.

Mr Rickuss pointed to Warrego Hwy upgrades, increased flood resilience as well as school and health service improvements.

Member for Lockyer Ian Rickuss will battle for pre-selection ahead of next years' Queensland election.
Member for Lockyer Ian Rickuss

In announcing her candidacy, Ms Hanson pointed to foreign land ownership and coal seam gas as issues she wanted to address.

"There are no safeguards against the destruction CSG mining can do to our environment and health, but more importantly our water," she said.

"We have to fight against CSG mining whether it be Australian or international companies."

However, Mr Rickuss said there were no CSG exploration wells in the Lockyer electorate and foreign investment was a federal issue.

"I understand the local area, understand what local issues are, and always respond to concerns that are brought to my attention," he said.

"Being the member for Lockyer is about working hard for an electorate that you know and understand, it's not about personality politics that quite often are only fleeting."

Ms Hanson said she had family links to the Lockyer Valley - where she said her grandparents emigrated to from Ireland.