The street frontage of the development site on Noosa Hill. PHOTO: Peter Gardiner
The street frontage of the development site on Noosa Hill. PHOTO: Peter Gardiner

Locals seeking animal right of way over development

ENJOYING regular sightings of wildlife in the bushland around Attunga Heights is what the community fight to stop a development on Noosa Hill is all about.

That is according Friends of Noosa Hill spokeswoman Rebecca Stead who is among 30 locals who have joined in the action to support the Noosa Council’s development application appeal by David Neate.

Mr Neate has been refused approval by Noosa Council to build two detached houses and 12 lots at 27 Attunga Heights.



“Friends of Noosa Hill locals support council’s original refusal based on noncompliance with the Noosa Plan and the draft Noosa plan, particularly the failure to protect the site’s significant environment values,” Ms Stead said.

“Council will meet next week to consider their position re the Planning and Environment Court appeal.

“We are hopeful new and incumbent counsellors will maintain their original position to protect this fragile site,” she said.

The battle for a Noosa Hill development is headed for court.
The battle for a Noosa Hill development is headed for court.

Ms Stead said the Koala Action group and Queensland Koala Crusaders have also joined the opposition to the development.

Over the past year she said there have been numerous sightings of wildlife including a koala located on the public pathway adjacent to the proposed development site.

She said a sugar glider has taken up residence in the bushland in front of the site and next-door neighbours “have enjoyed seeing the tiny visitor on their deck in the evenings eating herbs and drinking from water bowls”.

“They have also recently seen a large grey owl, a bush wallaby and a bushland coucal pheasant on their adjacent block.

“Echidnas continue to travel through the area,” Ms Stead said.

As well she said two large lace monitor lizards and bush turkeys regularly cross from the site into the adjoining bushland wildlife corridor.

One of the Friends of Noosa Hill Rebecca Stead.
One of the Friends of Noosa Hill Rebecca Stead.

“Clearly, the local fauna and residents and visitors continue to enjoy this beautiful site and will continue to oppose overdevelopment which does not align with council’s careful plans to protect our beautiful area,” Ms Stead said.

“As more domestic visitors flock to Noosa and many consider a tree change move away from the cities to the Sunshine Coast, we hope the Noosa Hill is preserved for everyone’s enjoyment,” she said.

In the notice of appeal sent out to Ms Stead, Mr Neate’s lawyer grounds for appeal included the Noosa Plan is unsoundly based, the proposal protects the land’s environmental values and maintains a satisfactory wildlife corridor.

The development would also not “not adversely impact upon koala habitat or in the alternative, development conditions can be imposed for offset planting to address any significant residual impact”.

“Any departures from the assessment benchmarks in relation to population density, gross floor area, site cover, building heights and setbacks, are inconsequential and are not such as to warrant the refusalof the development application,” the appeal notice said.

It said the proposed development:

(a) respects the scale and character of surrounding development; will not adversely impact on the visual amenity of nearby properties in Attunga Heights; and

(b) will not adversely impact on the adjoining Edgar Bennett Ave road reserve’s, scenic and environmental values, nor the vegetated character of the adjoining pedestrian path in the Edgar Bennett Ave road reserve.