Micelle Evans and Beau Worsley of Red Energy Promotions.
Micelle Evans and Beau Worsley of Red Energy Promotions. Erle Levey

Local firm vies for a seat at Google Masterclass

BUDDINA marketing company Red Energy was recently invited by Google to apply for its Regional Online Heroes competition.

Backed by the Regional Australia Institute, the competition will see businesses from across Australia vie for one of 10 seats at a Google Masterclass to be held at the technology giant's Australian headquarters in Sydney.

At last count, 40 Queensland businesses had applied, a Google spokesman said.

Red Energy sales and marketing maestro Beau Worsely said his company, which started in 2004, had realised the local area had been saturated by traditional marketing techniques and turned its attention to the internet to find new customers.

They now have a mobile-optimised website and use online marketing to reach new customers.

"The internet gave us the platform we need to expand our reach," Mr Worsely said.

Red Enegy has found huge success with online marketing and now services major cities across Australia, as well as exporting to Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Vanuatu and New Zealand.

Local business such as Jetts were also Red Energy's clients, Mr Worsely said.

His company has been with Jetts since its first gym opened, he said.

Red Energy is growing at 20-25% and employs 38 staff at five offices in Queensland.

"Social media is a big part of it," said Mr Worsely.

"We also have a lot of generic website and search engine marketing, so if people are looking for products similar to us, we rank highly in that space."

He said being a savvy online marketer was about catching people at the right time.

"We catch people when they're in the mood for what we sell. Social media is about positioning ourselves to show how we're different."