Zoolu is a fun card game based around colours, patterns and animal characters.
Zoolu is a fun card game based around colours, patterns and animal characters.

Local card game creation discounted for home isolation

EUMUNDI mother and creative talent Hejira Convery has slashed the price of a fun card game she invented to help parents entertain their kids while in isolation.

Zoolu, which normally retails for $15, is just $5 (plus postage) while the coronavirus pandemic is affecting everyone.

"I wanted to do something to help and this is a great way to get kids off screens," Ms Convery said.

She said playing Zoolu was "easy peasy lemon squeezy".

The aim of the game is to collect a full set of Wild cards, which come in different colours and feature different animal characters such as Aimee the elephant, Zippy McSlippy the snail, Pammy the couch potato panda, Bella the bluebird and Big Al, a surfie saltwater croc.

"My favourite character? Well, I quite like Kroozer the daredevil dawg because he's a daredevil who whistles his way through extreme sports … and the crocodile Big Al who loves to surf."

Ms Convery said Zoolu was ideal for players aged seven and up, but can be adapted for younger players.

"It's affordable, screen-free entertainment for kids stuck at home because of COVID-19.

"For those with little people at home, Zoolu can be played as a simple game for ages three and up by removing the strategic Kaos! Cards," Ms Convery said.

"It can also be played as a Memory or Snap game, with under fives matching colours, animals or patterns.

"There are free printables at www.zoolugame.com that parents can download, with colouring-in pages, quizzes and more."

She said one pack entertains two to four players, and two packs can be combined for larger families (five to eight players).

The original idea for the game came when Ms Convery, who came from a kid's publishing background, became a mother.

"When I had my daughter I was a stay-at-home mum and was looking to expand my skillset," she said.

"I'm not anti-screen, but I definitely do like old-style entertainment."

She said the idea of animal character cards was to "add personality" to the card game, plus you'll notice there are the same number of male and female characters.

"So many games have male characters with maybe one female character that's always pink. I

deliberately made the split half and half."

To order Zoolu and to check out the free printables, go to www.zoolugame.com.