Wistari tacks cross the choppy harbour on October 2.

Photo Contributed by Marina Hobbs
Wistari tacks cross the choppy harbour on October 2. Photo Contributed by Marina Hobbs Contributed by Marina Hobbs

LIVE COVERAGE: 70th Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race 2018


No Problem crosses the line:
No Problem crosses the line:

No Problem also accomplished fourth in OMR and fifth in PCF.

Of the other Gladstone boats - mono-hulls - here is the final list of placings.

Restless was 27th in line honours and finished the race in 34:58:12 and was 5th in ORC 2, 9th in IRC 2; PHRF Mod 2, 10th in ORCi Overall, 19th in PHRF Overall, 20th in IRC Overall.

Wistari, in its 50th, was 34th in line honours and 1st in IRC 2; ORC 2; PHRF Vin, 6th in ORCi Overall, 7th in IRC Overall and 8th in PHRF Overall.

And lastly Tuan finished in 35th line honours and 11th in PHRF Mod 2 and 25th in PHRF Overall.

Now let the celebrations begin and festivities from 2pm at the Gladstone Yacht Club today.


FINAL UPDATE FOR THE DAY 5.10PM: A Gladstone boat was the first from the port city to cross the line and it was No Problem in doing so in the multi-hull class.

No Problem finished 4th in line honours, OMR and PCF.classes.

More on the others tomorrow morning.

UPDATE 2.20PM: The first of the multi-hulls has crossed the line.

That's AYS Indian Chief which has claimed provisional line honours and is 6th OMR and PCF.

Gladstone multi-hull No Problem is closing in and currently is about 1 hour away.

No Problem is 2nd in both OMR and PCF and 5th in line honours.

No great change in the speed and ETA for the other Gladstone yachts.

UPDATE 12.45PM: Four mono-hulls have now crossed the line and next will be Kerumba due at any stage.

Gladstone boats Restless (27th), Wistari (34th) and Tuan, in 35th are hours away from joining in the post-race festivities.

Gladstone multi-hull No Problem currently sits in fifth and doing 11.5 knots.

UPDATE 11.11AM: As the crew from Black Jack, Ichi Ban and Eny Scooters are enjoying celebratory beers, the crew from Team Hollywood have just crossed the finish line. Times of Envy Scooters and Team Hollywood are yet to be confirmed.

Gladstone yachts Restless, Wistari and Tuan are 31st, 34th and 35th and should enter Gladstone late tonight and into the early hours of tomorrow morning.

Gladstone multi-hull No Problem is scheduled to arrive mid afternoon.

Presentations Bris-Gladstone 310418:
Presentations Bris-Gladstone 310418:

UPDATE 8AM: Ichi Ban has now crossed the line and the mono-hull did it in another record time of 19.36.42 hours.

That means the Matt Allen captained boat is 1st in IRC 0, IRC Overall, ORC 1, ORCi Overall and 2nd in line honours and is the provisional winner.

Envy Scooters is just minutes away from crossing as 3rd in line honours.

Black Jack has moved to berth at the Gladstone Marina for all to see.

Gladstone boats Restless is due in Gladstone at 2.39am tomorrow and is 30th outright, Wistari is 34th and due tonight at near midnight, Tuan is 35th.

Multi-hull No Problem is currently 5th in that class and is due in Gladstone later on Sunday.

UPDATE 6.25AM: Morning all we are back live!

Black Jack takes line honours and arrived at 3.53am today. Second is Ichi Ban and due very soon. Envy Scooters due at 7.30am.

Gladstone's Restless due tonight after 11pm and Tuan and Wistari are in 34 and 35th.

Multi-hull No Problem further back in fifth in that class.

UPDATE 7PM: Black Jack is a massive 33.2NM in front of Ichi Ban as evening descends with fellow mono-hull Envy Scooters in third. The leading 100-ft yacht has slowed to 19.8 knots.

Gladstone's Restless yacht is 30th while Tuan has dropped a place in 35th and Wistari is up two places in 38th.

Gladstone multi-hull is seventh in that category.


We conclude the rolling coverage and will resume from 8am tomorrow..


UPDATE 5.35PM: Black Jack continues to gain speed as the huge mono-hull is almost level with the latitude of Hervey Bay at 23.1 knots. At this race Black Jack will be in Gladstone at 12.42am.

It's a close one between fellow mono-hulls Ichi Ban and Envy Scooters. Both are second and third respectively and just separated by 2.6NM. They are doing speeds of 16.5 and 16.9 knots and should be in Gladstone by 6.30am tomorrow.

Restless is 30th, Tuan is 34th and Wistari in 40th.

Gladstone multi-hull No Problem is gained speed and moved to sixth in that class at 9 knots.

UPDATE 3.20PM: Black Jack has picked up the pace at 21.5 knots and ETA now is 1.26am 70.1NM into the race.

Ichi Ban is still second and holding firm over Envy Scooters with 1.6NM separating these two mono-hulls.

Gladstone mono-hulls Restless and Tuan are just 1NM apart in 30 and 31st positions.

Wistari has slowed to 4.4 knots and in 41st place.

Gladstone's multi-hull No Problem is still eighth out of 11 boats at 8.5 knots.

UPDATE 2.40PM: The estimated time of arrival for Black Jack is expected to be at 4.34am tomorrow as the mono-hull continues to stretch out the lead at 17 knots.

Ichi Ban is second outright 11.5NM behind the leader with Envy Scooters third doing 13 knots and 12.7NM behind Black Jack.

Gladstone's Restless is in 31st at 3.7 knots with Tuan in 34th at 5.5 knots.

Wistari, in her 50th, is in 42nd at 7.7 knots.

Gladstone multi-hull No Problem is eighth in that class doing 8.6 knots and 18NM into the race.

UPDATE 1.40PM: Nothing's more certain than a rollicking Black Jack win as the boat is cruising at 18 knots ahead of Ichi Ban at 14.1 and Envy Scooters at 14.2. Easily the top three as they make most of a fresh south-easterly.

Best of Gladstone's fleet is Restless at 8.4, Tuan side-by-side with Corrobboree at 8.7 and 8.4 respectively.

Half centurian Wistari further back doing 8 knots.

UPDATE 12.40PM: Black Jack extends its lead as the boat curls north-bound on the eastern side of Bribie Island National Park at 13.5 knots and 280NM from Gladstone. In pursuit is Ichi Ban at 13.1 knots which has increased its lead on Envy Scooters also at 13.1 knots.

Of the Gladstone boats is Restless at 6.3 knots, Tuan and Wistari further back.

UPDATE 12PM: Black Jack, Ichi Ban and Envy Scooters continue to set the pace as the leading boats approach the southern edge of Moreton Bay.

Gladstone's Tuan, WistariRestless and No Problem back in the back. The gap between Ichi Ban and Envy Scooters is closing.

Black Jack at 13 knots. Ichi Ban at 9.4 knots and Envy Scooters at 9 knots.

UPDATE 11.32AM: Black Jack holding sway comfortably heading in north-easterly direction at 13.1 knots with Ichi Ban and Envy Scooters at 13.2 knots and 12.3 knots respectively.

Restless best of Gladstone boats at 7.1 knots, Tuan (7.2), Wistari and No Problem further behind.

UPDATE 11.13AM: Black Jack is motoring along at just under 15 knots and is skippered by Mark Bradford and owned by Peter Harburg.

Second is Envy Scooters and Team Hollywood. Gladstone boats Tuan, Restless, 50-year racer Wistari and No Problem way back in the field.


The 70th Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race has begun in 12-15 knots south-easterly winds.

Black Jack extended its lead from the rest of the fleet.

Gladstone yachts Restless skippered by John Ibell, Ray Hobbs' No Problem, Tuan captained by Brad Barker, Scott Patrick's Wistari in her 50th race.