Councillor Phil Truscott standing in front of the rubbish at the Material Recovery Facility.
Councillor Phil Truscott standing in front of the rubbish at the Material Recovery Facility.

Live animals among shock finds in Coast’s recycling bins

"If you have seen it, we have found it."

That is the message from sorters at the Material Recovery Facility centre in Nikenbah.

Batteries, flares, chemicals, gas cylinders, soiled nappies are just some of the items being fished out of the waste from our recycling bins.

Recently these discoveries took a dark turn when one sorter found a live red belly black snake and other found a live kitten.

Councillor Phil Truscott said remarkably, the cat was unharmed.

"This kitten survived the truck crusher, the dumping of that load on the cement floor, the machine that picks up the material, the dumping of that on a conveyor belt," he said.

"Luckily a human checks each item on that belt and saved the kitten."

The operator who found the kitten took it home and has kept the pet.

Cr Truscott said 32 per cent of items that came in to the facility from recycling bins were not recyclable.

Cr Truscott said although he understood it could be confusing when understanding if some things were recyclable or not, many people were lacking common sense when it came to throwing out the trash.

He said it was not only disappointing to see things disposed of carelessly but particularly at dangerous times.

"50 to 100 needles are found among the rubbish per week," he said.

"When you think of the millions of dollars spent across Australia on needle containers put in all types of places … and then they put them in the bin instead."

Last month the council reported that it had found large concrete blocks with star pickets sticking out of them.

The councillor hoped education would help people understand the consequences of their actions.

He said when people realised there was another person sorting the rubbish they might think twice about doing the wrong thing.

Cr Truscott said if anyone was interested in touring the centre contact council on 1300 794 929.

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