CAREGIVER: Amy Ryan with an Eastern Grey joey.
CAREGIVER: Amy Ryan with an Eastern Grey joey.

Little life saved from checking dead roo’s pouch

BUNDABERG wildlife carers are asking people to check the pouch of kangaroos if they are hit by a car after a joey was found in its mothers covered in meat ants.

Christine Wynne, president of Queensland Wildlife Carers and Volunteers Association, said if you hit a kangaroo it was important to check if it was female by looking for a pouch and having a look inside.

"A little joey can survive in a dead mother's pouch for three to four days and if they are left in there they get eaten alive by meat ants," she said.

"So if it is safe to stop, check if it is female and look for a joey in its pouch, if there is then call the wildlife number." Ms Wynne said it happens quite often when people haven't checked and there was a joey.

"It is quite distressing to see, this one was a good size about 800g and you could see the tail and legs," she said.

"His body was covered in meat ants and there was even one up his nose.

"It would be the most dreadful and painful way to die, I was pleased to be able to help him, it is a good feeling to have saved a little life."

Ms Wynne said kangaroos were moving closer to the road due to drought so it was important to drive slower in areas where they may be and check on one if the unfortunate happened.

"If the kangaroo is alive and very injured I can call someone to have it humanely euthanised."

If you find a joey or an injured kangaroo contact Queensland Wildlife Carers and Volunteers Association on 4159 6431.