Sophy Blake feeds Charlie and Legend a treat after their fire ordeal.
Sophy Blake feeds Charlie and Legend a treat after their fire ordeal.

Little Charlie wasn’t horsing around, he saved the day in Noosa fire

IN MOST life and death struggles, one or two strong characters stand up to be counted, but few in the Cooroibah fires were as courageous as Charlie.

He’s quite a character, this little guy who fled the flames suffering a burnt back, while leading a band of others to safety.

Not bad for a clear-headed black pony who is the apple of the eye of his “Mum” Sophy Blake of Amaroo Pl.

His good buddy who followed behind, a white quarter horse may be called Legend, but Charlie was the real hero that day.

“I was at work in Cotton Tree and my husband rang and said you’ve got to get home now,” Sophy said.

“We had two horses in our paddock that are like our darling pets. My husband (Matt) had to leave so he took the dogs and cat, but had to leave the horses.

“By the time I got back I couldn’t get in.

Sophy said a girl who was able to get back into the fire scene sent photos of the horses.

The fire burnt extremely close to the Blake's house.
The fire burnt extremely close to the Blake's house.

“And it was them, I was so relieved,” Sophy said.

“There were quite a few horses that were running around wild.”

She said when they were allowed back in, all the police on site knew Charlie.

“Apparently what he’d done was, he’s only tiny, but apparently he led the pack and he got them to safety out of the fire. They all followed little Charlie – Charlie’s a hero.”

When Sophy was reunited with the two, they were led over to her.

“I just said ‘Leg, Charlie’ and they looked up like their faces said ‘Mum!’ and they came running over.

“Leggie’s got a few cuts on him, but I’ve been grooming Charlie and he’s actually singed his hair on both sides of his backbone.

Sophy with Legend.
Sophy with Legend.

“He must have run under a burning branch or something,” Sophy said.

Sophy said the horses were “like my big babies, I just love them”.

And she will be forever in the debt of the firefighters.

“The fireys did an incredible job to save our home, it’s a miracle that it’s still there. It (the fire) came within 3m of the house.

“We were one of the really lucky ones, but unfortunately we’ve lost all our paddock.”

The two horses are being looked after at a neighbours for now while the Blakes find a temporary pasture for the a big Legend and a little champion.