Lisa Curry... has described as 'ridiculous' claims her and Grant Kenny are back together.
Lisa Curry... has described as 'ridiculous' claims her and Grant Kenny are back together. Warren Lynam

Lisa Curry hits out at Woman's Day after Grant claims

SUNSHINE Coast superfit mum Lisa Curry has called for new laws to make journalists more accountable after a national women's magazine claimed she and Grant Kenny were back together again.

Curry has been flooded with support on Facebook after her lengthy post slamming journalists for making up stories and social media trolls for attacking her.

Her partner Joel Walkenhorst posted a picture of himself and Curry giving Woman's Day the finger after the cover story.

 "This is to Woman's Day and your made up story...‪#‎dontbuywomansdaymagyouarewaistingyourmoney‬."

After a long rant about the media in general, Curry pointed out factual inaccuraies in the Woman's Day story:

* Our "family friend" said we live at Maroochydore….which we don't.

* Joel was "recently" by my side on a motorhome "holiday" around Australia…

"Yes, recently for the last 18 months as we "work" our way around Australia conducting health and wellness seminars, visiting schools, conducting swimming and fitness sessions.

"Currently we have visited 83 regional and rural towns promoting wellness and prevention of heart disease. We spend between 1 and 5 days in each town. We've tried to get media interested in doing stories on our Roadtrip….. very few are interested.

"We don't care, we know what we do and how many people we have inspired and helped. We love reading the messages from the people who contact me months later and tell me they have lost 10, 20 and even 30 kilos…. or their kids will now eat their veges and have stopped drinking soft drinks because "Lisa said".

Lisa Curry and Joel Walkenhorst on the One Life One Chance road trip.
Lisa Curry and Joel Walkenhorst on the One Life One Chance road trip. Nev Madsen

"Write about those success stories? Nope, not sensational enough. (

• "Cooked breakfast for Grant in the morning" confirms the "family friend" ….. Grant doesn't even eat cooked breakfasts at home and besides that, he makes his own.

• Joel is banned from the property reports "another family friend" (gee we have lots of family friends). Of course Joel doesn't go to the house, there is no need.

• I "march" into the house and tell the kids to clean their rooms (ummm, they are not kids any more, and marching has never been my style.)

But Curry said there were "some things in the story that was pretty much on the mark''.

• Grant and I are good friends and are very close, and always will be.

• Our priority is our children.

"The headlines "Back on! Their surprising family news" (what was the surprising news anyway?), and "We're back together" is totally misleading to the Australian public.

"I understand that headlines attract sales, but this time WD, you've gone too far. It's so ridiculous, it's laughable. You need to apologise to your readers."

Curry pointed out that while she was a public figure, Kenny was not.

"What we do in OUR house is none of anyone's business.

"If media are hanging out for Grant to make a comment…about anything… ever… you'll be waiting a long time. He's not interested in talking to you. He's a private person, let him be.

"I am a public person. I always have been. I always will be. I love my life, I love my job, I love what I do and I love working with and helping others.

"I will comment and have an opinion about anything I choose…as all people are entitled to.

"If people don't like me or are sick of reading or hearing about me, then tune out….Because I'm not going anywhere.

"You wait and see what I have up my sleeve!"


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