Bruce Highway.
Bruce Highway. Brett Wortman

LETTER: Train of thought

THE article "Rail the missing link in planning" by Ian Christesen (Daily, October 17) must be one of the best summaries of the planning problems for Caloundra South and indeed for the Sunshine Coast in general.

How anyone in local or state government can approve such a vast development without first putting in place the necessary infrastructure beggars belief.

Surely the Bruce Highway needs to be upgraded before this development starts and rail has been a line on the map for decades.

Who is going to make it happen?

The article summed up local sentiment and it would be wonderful to see action on the ground instead of further countless millions spent on studies and on planning that does not happen.

Compared with the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast has been starved of improvements in infrastructure whilst the population grows and the congestion frustrates.

We have a congested highway which is ultimately expected to serve a further 50,000 Aura residents living alongside it, not to mention the many other developments also under way, an antiquated railway system, and an airport which only operates internationally seasonally and provides no regular services for locals wishing to travel north on business or on holiday.

Crazy, when one has to drive 100km south to a major airport in order to fly north when one has a perfectly good local airport a few kilometres up the road.

Caloundra has a brilliant multi-million-dollar industrial area which appears to have remained pretty empty for years and has attracted few industries and generated little new employment for locals.

I love Caloundra and the Coast but it is sad to see it lagging so far behind, particularly when you see the thousands of children happily growing up here with little hope of local employment.

They, along with other workers and commuters, need modern infrastructure to travel to places of employment.

Hopefully, our local politicians will take note of Ian Christesen's article and actually make things happen.


Pelican Waters