Harry's view on year 12 graduates.
Harry's view on year 12 graduates.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Is national anthem still relevant?


Advance Australia Fair

In 250 years, Australia has evolved from a colonial mentality and culture, to a modern, formidable global competitor.

For a few of its diversified 25 million population, from four corners of the world, calling Australia ‘home’, the original 19th Century anthem language, Federation in 1901 and England’s “God Save the Queen”, no longer reverberate.

Third millennium inclusion policies giving voice to immigrants and recognition to First Australians, result in a more unique, ‘true-blue’ Aussie culture.

This is a nation which has matured from its 18th century colonial roots, advancing towards a republic.

However, our loyalty to Britain, represented on ‘the Southern Cross’, verified by our DNA, cannot be denied.

Two world wars have proved we are a progressive nation, united and indeed advancing in our own right.

– Eloise Rowe, Tannum Sands

Fair go for our region

We need a mayor in our Rockhampton region that will give everyone a fair go, from the developers to the battlers and pensioners.

Developers need to be given shorter time frames for project approvals, not have to wait in some circumstances for up to 10 years.

All rate payers including pensioners and battlers need to have rates and charges indexed to inflation not increased above the CPI every year.

This can be achieved if waste is tackled head on and if we have a leader that is focused on giving a good rate of return back to the rate payers.

Looking at our current track record for our region, we desperately need a change of local government.

The levee bank project that has been pushed upon us for over a decade was never going to work.

When it was first proposed it was estimated at 39 million dollars and back then I predicted it would blow out to 100 million, how wrong were we when it has blown out from 60 million to 180 million in two years.

You cannot keep water out when there is endless sand and silt under the foundations and also protect residents from a 1 in 100 year event that could happen at any time.

The pink tiles/pavers that were imported from China that were laid along Quay Street cost us over 1.5 million when normal asphalt could have been used for a fraction of the cost.

Despite people rejecting the idea, it was pushed forward and rate payers are still liable to fix the clickety, clack mess.

A 30 million dollar art gallery is being built in Rockhampton and I would like to see the business case study for this project.

Is there a huge demand for this project due to the huge patronage of the previous art gallery? What is the rate of return for this and when can we expect it to be paid off and return an income instead of being a liability to rate payers?

The rate payers will now be forced to pay for over 100,000 dollars to pay for a by-election after laws are changed by the Queensland Government to remove Chris Hooper as mayor. Mayor Strelow’s unnecessary resignation due to misconduct allegations, places Chris Hooper into the mayor’s position due to being a runner-up at the previous election.

When is the waste going to stop?

The money saved from all of this waste could be directed into infrastructure such as roads and also into keeping our rate rises to CPI.

Grandiose ideas need to be taken on by private enterprise if it is deemed viable; hence a business case study is done before anything is done.

I believe that the council needs to give a good rate of return to our rate payers and that everyone is given a fair go, by stopping the waste and focusing on the basics of roads, rates and rubbish.

– Leyland Barnett, North Rockhampton


Harry's view on year 12 graduates.
Harry's view on year 12 graduates.


A Year 12 student has blasted his school calling it ‘elitist’ after he was denied a ticket to last night’s formal, leaving his girlfriend to attend the celebration alone.

Jeremy Bassett: I think there’s more to this story than we’re being told.

Cath Warman: Students from outside a school couldn’t attend another school’s celebrations because of COVID. This happened all over Australia, he is not the only person that this has happened to, students everywhere found this was the case. They made arrangements for it. This year is different, hasn’t he heard this yet? I feel sorry for this year’s students but you do have to work with what you’ve got.

Nathan Baxter: There is always two sides to every story what do you expect only getting one side.

Billie-Jo Biles: That’s is so unfair.


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