Lots 150 and 160 South Coolum Rd, Coolum Beach have come onto the market.
Lots 150 and 160 South Coolum Rd, Coolum Beach have come onto the market.

Letter to the editor: 43ha site sale ‘narrow view’ of real estate agents

I refer to an article in the SCD (9/11) titled 43ha land bank hits market for future development, which described the advertising for sale of land at Coolum. This article appears to be an advertorial but is not marked as such. However, it could be a press release, complete with photographs, from a real estate agent. It is missing some very important detail.

The article is misleading in three major respects. Firstly, no mention was made to the susceptibility of the sites to inundation by flooding. The land is part of the Maroochy River flood plain and is shown in Council’s Flood Hazard mapping as being subject to inundation.

Secondly, although the land is shown in the SEQ Regional Plan as being included in the urban footprint, this document contains an important caveat: “Land in the Urban Footprint may be unsuitable for urban purposes for other reasons including constraints such as flooding …”

Lastly, there is no evidence available to the public that the land is “earmarked long-term for expansion of the Coolum residential region”. Council’s planning scheme and the SEQ Regional Plan are the pre-eminent documents for determining land use. Neither of these provide for such a classification.

Please spare us from articles in the SCD that only reflect the narrow views of real estate agents and developers.

Brian Raison, Mount Coolum