Learning to surf means taking baby steps at first.
Learning to surf means taking baby steps at first. Brett Wortman

LEARN TO SURF: Three steps to catching your ride

NOW you are in the water, let's revise three main steps.

1. Heading out: Try and be aware of everything going on around you.

Keep an eye on the waves that are coming towards you and take the one that looks like it is big enough to pick you up and take you in.


Paddling out through the white water.
STEP 1: Heading out. CONTRIBUTED

2. Catching the wave: Just as the wave reaches about 2m behind you, push the board towards the beach and pull yourself on to the board so that you are laying balanced on top of it.

Once balanced, start to paddle one arm at a time in rhythm as the wave approaches from behind.

Keep paddling as the wave picks you up, and you will feel a surge as the wave starts to take you.

Then place your hands on the rails next to your bottom ribs and arch your back to bring your weight back between your chest and your thighs.

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Getting ready to catch the wave.
STEP 2: Getting ready to catch the wave. CONTRIBUTED

3. Riding the wave: When you want to stand up, keep your chin and eyes up and proceed to use the prone to standing technique to get to your feet.

Keep your knees bent, your back straight and your arms and hands in position as if shooting a bow and arrow.

Focus on the direct line of where you are riding.


Catching the wave.
STEP 3: Catching the wave. CONTRIBUTED


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