SWEET KING: The one and only Adriano Zumbo will host a   masterclass at Noosa Food and Wine.
SWEET KING: The one and only Adriano Zumbo will host a masterclass at Noosa Food and Wine. Contributed

Learn skills from best in cooking world

NOOSA Food and Wine Festival is not just about eating and drinking good food and drinks, it's also an opportunity to get hands-on with our interactive masterclasses taking place across the weekend in the Festival Village.

Olsson's Masterclasses will showcase a delicious program of Australian artisan producers and chefs as they demonstrate their craft and share their trade secrets.

If you're a sucker for the sweet stuff then the Festival Village's all new Baci Sweets Masterclasses are an indulgent experience you do not want to miss.

Some of our favourite dessert connoisseurs, including the likes of Adriano Zumbo and Anna Polyviou, will be sharing their favourite sweet creations inspired by Baci chocolates; along with tips and tricks on how to make mouth-watering creations with chocolate.

Masterclasses will run across May 18 and 19, cost $35 per class and are only available for Festival Village ticketholders.

For event timetable and tickets, visit www.noosafoodandwine.com.au.


Jo Barrett and Woombye Cheese Masterclass

May 18 , 10.30am - See the wonderful ways to use this excellent Australian product. Wine pairing included.

Scott Pickett and Olsson's Sea Salt

May 18, 11.30am - Share Pickett's joy of Australian produce at this "not-to-be-missed” masterclass. Includes wine pairing.

Pilu and Pavoni Italian Masterclass

May 18. 12.30pm - In this classic Italian cook-off agaisnt two great friends, Alessandro Pavoni will present a Risotto with parmigiano reggiano and aged balsamic vinegar and Giovanni Pilu will parry with the classically delicious spaghetti vongole. Wine pairings included.

Richard Ousby Masterclass

May 18, 1.30pm - Ousby will prepare the iconic Queensland Black Cobia - an exceptional Australian native. Wine pairing included.

Matt Wilkinson and Sharlee Gibb Masterclass

May 18, 2.30pm - Join Matt Wilkinson and Sharlee Gibb for a masterclass with Olsson's Salts. Wine/beer pairing included.

Yarra Valley Caviar and Bubbles

May 18, 3.30pm - Natalie Traversa will showcase and celebrate Yarra Valley caviar salmon and trout pearls and world-renowned Polanco Sturgeon caviar (Baerii and Oscietra). You will experience a tasting of six styles of caviar paired with Yarra Valley Chandon Sparkling Wine.

Africola's Imogen Czulowski Masterclass

May 18, 4.30pm - Czulowski will induct guests into the joys of beef tongue; an under-utilised (in Australia anyway) and particularly delicious cut of beef. Wine pairing included.

Masterclass with Bruno and Catherine Loubet

May 18, 5.30pm - The Loubet's will bring a little slice of their Willow Vale Cooking School to Noosa Food and Wine Festival. Wine pairings included.

Nose-To-Tail with Aria's Joel Bickford

May 19, 10.30am - Bickford will showcase his dedication to the nose-to-tail philosophy with a black pudding and scallop dish. Wine pairing included.

Foraging and Native Ingredients

May 19, 11.30am - Join Harvest Newrybar Heads Chef Alastair Waddell and veteran forager Peter Hardwick will take you into the secretive world of foraging and native ingredients. Topics for discussion include coastal succulents and wild foraged greens, seaweeds - fresh and preserved, Petes home made wild kombucha vinegars. Tastings include wild foraged salad with coastal tea tree vinaigrette and sashimi and seaweed

Federico Zanelleto, Lumi bar and dining Masterclass

May 19, 12.30pm - Zanellato will share a recipe close to his heart: 'Cacio e Pepe Agnolotti', an Italian classic rich in flavour and history. Wine pairing included.

Four Pillars Gin Masterclass

May 19, 1.30pm - This Four Pillars masterclass of gin goodness, will be hosted by Stu Gregor, one of the founders of Four Pillars Gin. Learn to make a cocktail that will have all your friends raving. Tastings included.

Pickling and Fermenting Masterclass

May 19, 2.30pm - Sharon Flynn will share the best and simplest ferments for your own kitchen and how to feed them to your family for a cultured gut. Learn simple brined veggies and sauerkraut, milk kefir and cultured butter

Ōra King Salmon Curing

May 19, 3.30pm - Join award winning Ōra King chefs Anthony Page and Mark McAllister for this spectacular salmon curing workshop. Wine pairing included.

Gluten Free Gnocchi with Gabriele Taddeucci

May 19, 4.30pm - Gabriele Taddeucci will demonstrate a delicious gluten-free version of his home-town favourite: gnocchi. Wine pairing included.

Olsson's Sea Salt Masterclass

May 19, 5.30pm - Alexandra Olsson, director of Australia's oldest family-owned salt company will present an in-depth look at the fascinating world of salt. Wine and sake pairing included.


Breaking the Rules, Cheating with Chocolate with Warren Mendes

May 18, 10.30am and May 19, 12.30pm - Warren Mendes will share his favourite sweet creations inspired by Baci chocolates.

Luca Ciano Sweets Masterclass

May 18, 11.30am - Luca Ciano will share his favourite sweet creations inspired by Baci chocolates.

Anna Polyviou Sweets Masterclass

May 18, 12.30pm - Join the incredibly talented Anna Polyviou and learn how her wicked fun drive and love of breaking the rules combine to create mouth-watering masterpieces.

James Metcalf Masterclass

May 18, 1.30pm - James Metcalf will share how to create a Valrhona Manjari parfait, hazelnut caramel, sesame and hazelnut crunch.

Daniel Rahilly Masterclass

May 18, 2.30pm - Learn from Daniel Rahilly as he shows you the ins and outs of creating the perfect Chocolate Meringue Mille-feuille.

Coffee And Chocolate Pairing - Why Does It Work So Well?

May 19, 10.30am - Join Padre Coffee's best in exploring why coffee and chocolate complement each other so well, some tips and tricks for brewing, pairing and tasting.

Adriano Zumbo Sweets Masterclass

May 19, 11.30am and 2.30pm - Join one of Australia's most celebrated patissiers for an intimate masterclass. Discover why Adriano's love affair with confectionery, combined with his Parisian training, has earnt him the nickname the sweet assassin; while learning some tips and tricks along the way. Constantly evolving and always considering his next move, cake, or idea, Adriano's infectious energy keeps his fans on their toes.

Phoebe Wood Masterclass

May 19, 1.30pm - Phoebe Wood will share how to create a chocolate and banana bundt cake with hot hazelnut chocolate butterscotch.