Anna Smith is changing her business name from Bosscher Lawyers Maroochydore to Smith Criminal Law.
Anna Smith is changing her business name from Bosscher Lawyers Maroochydore to Smith Criminal Law. Patrick Woods

Lawyer says only thing to change will be the name

LAWYER Anna Smith has built her firm's reputation to the point she is ready to put her name on it.

Her former Bosscher Lawyers Maroochydore business has become Smith Criminal Law in a name change hoped to reinforce years of relationships built on the Sunshine Coast.

Ms Smith has worked in criminal law for 18 years, having moved to the Coast in 2007 to work as a Crown Prosecutor for the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

She changed two years later from prosecuting accused criminals to work as a barrister defending them.

Then in 2012 she was asked to manage the Bosscher Lawyers Maroochydore firm.

"One year later, I bought the business outright and have been building it up ever since," Ms Smith said.

She said working as a prosecutor and as a barrister instilled a great knowledge of law and skills in advocacy but lacked ongoing client contact.

"When people are facing criminal charges before the courts, no matter how minor or serious, people want to turn to a lawyer whom they know and trust.

"They need someone they have rapport with."

She said working with Bosscher Lawyers helped immensely when she was establishing herself as a solicitor.

But she said she and her staff had been able to build a reputation in the past four years for their expertise, diligence and compassion.

Her staff members are solicitors Rachel Kramer and Amy Hehir as well as administration clerk Nick Black.

"It is time to operate under my own name and really demonstrate that the Sunshine Coast has a great criminal law firm in its own right.

"I am really excited to continue to build on our reputation well into the future."

Ms Smith said she didn't really feel like she was in competition with other Coast firms.

"A number of us know each other well because we have all worked in the region for a number of years.

"Mostly we respect each other and help each other out whenever we can.

"We are all pretty collegial really.

She said clients could expect the same level of representation under the new name.

"When people find themselves involved in criminal matters it can be an incredibly stressful and anxious time for the individual and their families.

"I think my staff are outstanding at easing the load many people charged with criminal matters carry through the criminal justice process.

"That is because we work hard, we are intelligent operators, trustworthy, compassionate and experienced criminal lawyers."