PLEASE NO: Local protesters turned out in force last January to rally against three towers in Weyba Downs and Doonan areas.
PLEASE NO: Local protesters turned out in force last January to rally against three towers in Weyba Downs and Doonan areas. contributed

Late bid to topple tower for a lakeside suburb near Noosa

OPPONENTS of a 51m NBN tower approved near Lake Weyba are hoping for an 11th hour federal intervention.

Friends of Lake Weyba's Christine Tainsh said she is about to ramp up lobbying of local MP Llew O'Brien to put a halt to a facility she believes is doomed to technical failure.

"Our biggest concern here is, we have atrocious internet here, the infrastructure is virtually non-existent,” Ms Tainsh said.

"Friends of Lake Weyba fully support improved internet services at Weyba Downs and surrounding areas, but we're concerned about the type of facility,” Ms Tainsh said.

"It's going to be in all likelihood, highly impacted by the dense tree coverage in the area and may not in all likelihood be able to deliver services.”

She said the tower will be located in a rural residential setting within 400m of the closest house.

"It is going to be very visible for users of the lake,” she said.

Ms Tainsh said FoLW are also concerned the wireless technology may become outmoded and Lake Weyba left with a 51m tower she described as a blot on the natural landscape.

"I'll be following up with Llew O'Brien in the new year to see if we can get him to advocate for fixed line technology,” she said.

NBN told Sunshine Coast Council, which mid last year signed off on the NBN application for the lattice tower, the Wills Rd location was chosen as it provides "the most appropriate solution” to ensure the area will receive a reliable fixed wireless service.

This facility will also ensure line of sight to other fixed wireless facilities in the wider area.

"The proposed facility has to be located close to the community it is servicing to ensure a quality and reliable service,” NBN said.

"Therefore, infrastructure is sometimes located in close proximity to residential land uses. However, the proposed facility is considered to be appropriately located as it allows for buffering and separation between incompatible land uses.”

NBN said views towards the facility from five dwellings within 400m of the facility will be screened by vegetation within the adjoining Noosa National Park. The tower is designed to "deliver a fast and reliable service” across the lakeside community of more than 220 properties at Weyba Downs, as well as the eastern-most rural development of Doonan and western fringes of Peregian.

Council's approval said: "The development can be conditioned to comply with national safety standards.

"The proposal has been located such that the facility will not unduly impact on the amenity and landscape values of the area.”

The approval said the colour of the tower and frames will be conditioned to be "galvanised with attached equipment to be painted in a matching grey colour to minimise contrast to the sky and to vegetation”.