This weekend marks Albert G Dragon's last shows for the season.
This weekend marks Albert G Dragon's last shows for the season. CONTRIBUTED

Last chance to see The Reluctant Dragon pantomime

WHEN The Reluctant Dragon crew get to five o'clock this Sunday at The Indee, they might be heard to call out "Phew!” to describe their emotions, or any word that they feel is appropriate.

For five o'clock is the point at which Albert G Dragon will have finished being a little pink chap, the villagers will have ceased their bickering (hopefully) and St George will go back to being an architect.

All that then remains is to pull down the set, launder and dry-clean the costumes, pack everything away, generally tidy up and then perchance finish off with a much louder version of the word that they used in the first place.

The initial Indee season at Yandina has been special in so many ways.

One delightful special was to have in the cast Fin and Safia, two children who originally hailed from Bangladesh.

Their parents are new-ish locals and thoroughly into being part of the Yandina scene.

They run a fine Indian restaurant in the IGA complex.

Another "special” was the teaming of the Broadbent sisters, Grace, 6, and Emily, 10, as the juvenile leads.

Yet a further "special” was Jurgen Beschomer, another Yandina local, who made his set-building and acting debut in the show.

Jurgen, originally hailing from Germany, played the aged St George the Dragon Slayer.

Doubtless the cast children will have plenty to talk about at "show and tell”, during the first school term which starts in earnest in next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (then on holiday again Thursday). No wonder "hair tearing out” has become such a popular pastime.

Meanwhile, there are two more Dragons to go at the Yandina School of Arts Hall: tomorrow, January 21, and Sunday, January 22, at 3pm.

Tickets for all ages are $15, or four for $50, with free popcorn for all children.

Book on 5472 8200, go online or buy tickets at the door.