Knifepoint robbery: Kids held up, bike and scooter stolen

A YOUNG father-to-be, who played a part in the knifepoint robbery of two children, has been granted immediate parole.

Jarod Brooks, 18, pleaded guilty in Maryborough District Court to two charges of armed robbery in company, one charge of serious assault with circumstances of aggravation and eight summary charges.

The court heard the armed robbery charges referred to an incident where Brooks, along with two juveniles, robbed two children of their scooter and bike at knifepoint on December 29, 2019.

"One of the juveniles produced a knife and the first confronted dropped the scooter, this defendant picked it up, then the second confronted surrendered his bike under threat from the knife," the prosecutor said.

Brooks was also charged with serious assault after spitting in a police officer's face while being restrained for at Maryborough Hospital on June 7, 2020.

"He attempted to spit on that officer twice without luck and it was on the third occasion that phlegm and mucus landed on the police officers face, including his eyes and mouth" the prosecutor said.

Brooks was also charged with stealing, wilful damage, possess utensils, breach of bail, assault occasioning bodily harm and one charge of entering premises.

The court heard Brooks was remorseful for his actions and he was awaiting the birth of his child, giving him motivation to turn his life around.

It was argued Brooks played a minor role in both counts of armed robbery as he was not armed and did not make any threats.

Judge Orazio Rinaudo labelled the armed robbery "completely unacceptable behaviour," but accepted Brooks' involvement was to a lesser degree.

He also said the court took a "dim view" of spitting.

"As a young man you have your whole life ahead of you, if you can turn things around, you can make something of your life, you don't have to continue to offend," he said

"You need to do two things, man up yourself, not be led by others … and not involve yourself with drugs in the future," Judge Rinaudo said.

Mr Brooks was sentenced to two and half years in jail for the armed robberies, nine months for the serious assault and an additional 18 months imprisonment for the summary offences.

Judge Rinaudo said immediate parole was appropriate for this case due to Brooks' youth, his remorse, limited criminal history, family support and aspirations to work in the construction industry.