The kitchen knife found in a Beaconsfield front yard.
The kitchen knife found in a Beaconsfield front yard. Contributed

Mystery knife scare sparks fear for dogs' safety

FOLLOWING a scare in Glenella last month in which a handwritten note was left in a woman's mailbox threatening to "throw a bait over the fence if you don't shut your dogs up", another suspicious incident has been reported in Beaconsfield.

About 7.30pm on Sunday a homeowner found their beagle carrying a large kitchen knife in its mouth, with no explanation as to where the knife had come from.

The dog was found in the front yard after the occupant of the home heard it barking loudly, followed by a strange noise, and walked out to investigate.

After the dog owner posted their concerns to Facebook, another Mackay resident told of a similar situation recently, where they also had found a knife in their front yard.

A number of Mackay residents are expressing their concerns after the mysterious circumstances sparked fear for their dogs' safety.

To report any suspicious activity, phone Policelink on 131 444.