Kiwi NBA recruit Steven Adams heads to Oklahoma City

THE jet-set lifestyle of an NBA basketball superstar has taken flight for New Zealand's latest sporting superstar.

Rotorua's Steven Adams, 19, who is now $2 million dollars richer with a career path set to propel him to sporting greatness, after being picked 12th in the 2013 NBA draft.

He flew out of New York  on a private plane, bound for his new home: Oklahoma City.

The whirlwind continued this week with Oklahoma City Thunder bosses saying the seven-foot (2.13m) former University of Pittsburgh freshman could take the court in a week's time.

Director of Basketball Communications Matt Tumbleson told the Herald on Sunday that Thunder fans wouldn't have to wait very long to see the latest recruit in action.

"I would think that he'll hit the court soon. We have Orlando Summer League starting July 7," said Tumbelson.

But it was a very low key arrival his new hometown compared with the draft jubilant celebrations.

"Steven flew in on a private plane to a private hangar in OKC," he said.

"There was not a reception upon arrival."

Adams tweeted before boarding the flight how was excited he was to introduce his brothers to his new home town.

"On my way to OKC. Looking forward to showing my family the City."