Juveniles sentenced for Kin Kora home invasion

A HORRIFIC home invasion left two juvenile accomplices suffering flashbacks and nightmares, a court has heard.

The two offenders, now 16 and 17, were sentenced in Gladstone District Court on Monday.

The pair pleaded guilty to several offences including depravation of liberty and armed robbery.

The court heard the two juveniles, who were both 16 at the time of the offending, along with another unnamed offender, were accomplices to a 20-year-old adult offender on March 14.

The four offenders entered a Kin Kora home about 5pm, gaining entry by cutting the front door's fly screen.

They went inside with t-shirts over their faces.

The adult ordered one of the juveniles to "watch their backs" and detain the homeowner's wife and a child in a separate room.

The adult and the two other offenders continued into the main bedroom.

It was there the adult brandished his weapon in the face of the homeowner and demanded money, saying the homeowner had robbed and stolen money from him.

The adult then put the machete to the side of the homeowner's throat, as the homeowner's brother-in-law and friend tried to leave the room.

The offenders obstructed the two from leaving the room and demanded the pair sit down as the adult continued the robbery.

The adult took a number of items from the bedroom including watches, jewellery, a bag and an amount of cannabis.

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He was recognised by the homeowner minutes later after the T-shirt around his head slipped, which forced a brief altercation.

The adult demanded money once again and the homeowner obliged, handing over tobacco and a wallet which contained cash.

The offenders then ran from the house, but the homeowner's brother-in-law followed after finding his own weapon - one of the offender's machetes.

They followed the offenders to the house next door where there was another altercation, which resulted in a child in the vicinity nearly being struck by a machete.

Police were called after the offenders fled.

Three were found shortly afterwards, while the other juvenile offender was located a few days later.

The court heard the pair of juveniles being sentenced both suffered from varying forms of intellectual disabilities, which the prosecutor said could have had an affect on their decision making processes under pressure.

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Judge Jeffrey Clarke was made aware one of the boys showed remorse for his actions and, through the youth justice department, had attempted to reach out to the victims and apologise.

"You have real drive about you and you have proven that by taking on full-time work despite your challenging circumstances," Judge Clarke said.

He said the other boy had to find work like his counterpart and interact with the disability services available in Gladstone in order to stay out of trouble.

"You are going to have to stop committing offences," Mr Clarke said.

"You often act out before you think, then you think 'Oh, I've done the wrong thing'."

The boy with a lesser involvement in the crimes, who had no previous criminal history, was sentenced to 12 months' probation with no convictions recorded.

The other, who was in the room where the robbery took place, was sentenced to a nine-month wholly suspended sentence and placed on a three-month conditional release program.