Jason Bridge, 47, of Torquay, leaves Hervey Bay District Court.
Jason Bridge, 47, of Torquay, leaves Hervey Bay District Court. Annie Perets

Jury delivers verdict for alleged stabbing of housemate

A MAN who was accused of stabbing a housemate three days after moving to Torquay, has been found not guilty by a jury in Hervey Bay District Court.

Jason Bridge, 47, was charged with unlawful wounding following a violent altercation between him and a 39-year-old male on December 29.

The brawl left the housemate with a deep cut on an arm, among other injuries.

After the jury delivered the not guilty verdict to the wounding charge on Thursday, Judge John Robertson told them: "I agree with your decision."

Bridge was also charged with assault occasioning bodily harm from the incident, which he pleaded guilty to on Tuesday.

Over a three-day trial, the court heard that prior to the violence, Bridge's male housemate had been disrupting the neighbourhood for two days through acts of aggression and by continuous shouting.

He was jealous over a relationship that Bridge was forming with a woman.

Prior to the altercation at about 8pm, the housemate was asked to move out of the home by another tenant after he hit her dog.

He was also seen sharpening knives.

As Bridge went to confront the man to tell him to settle down, the housemate waved a machete and stabbed Bridge in the chest with it.

Bridge then knocked down a door, entered the house, disarmed the housemate and punched him numerous times.

Judge Robertson said it was the housemate's aggressive actions that influenced Bridge to become the attacker.

"It was him who produced that nasty looking sword, and poked/stabbed you through door, which led to violence," Judge Robertson said.

The court heard that Bridge has moved back with his parents since this event.

Bridge was sentenced to nine months imprisonment, granted immediate parole, for the assault occasioning bodily harm charge.