Julie Bishop: No Australians confirmed dead in attacks

FOREIGN Minister Julie Bishop has warned the thousands of Australians in France to "stay where they are" and "ensure they are safe" as a coordinated campaign of terror sweeps across Paris.


  • 24-hour consular emergency contact: +61 2 6261 3305 or SMS +61 421 269 080
  • From within Australia: 1300 555 135

Ms Bishop addressed Australian media on Saturday morning as word broke from the French capital that up to 140 may have been killed in six separate attacks involving gunfire and explosives.

There are at least 2500 Australians who are known to be in France at the moment, but Ms Bishop said that number was almost certainly higher.

She said there have been no reports of any Australians killed or injured.


Ms Bishop described the acts of terrorism as "horrific".

"We understand that these six separate terrorist attacks commenced at about 9.30pm Friday, 13th of November, in the heart of Paris," she said.

"The death toll is at least 100 and rising. The numbers are still very fluid.

"This is, indeed, a Black Friday for France and for the world.

"I have been in contact with our ambassador in France, Stephen Brady.

"There are no reports of any Australians killed or injured at this stage. However, there are 2,500 Australians registered in France at present.

"We believe the number of Australians in France would be much higher."



One Australian was near the attacks and contacted the government's emergency consular line. He has now been confirmed safe after the government made arrangements to find him.

She said for those in Paris, now was the time to be patient.

"Australians in Paris should stay where they are. Ensure that they are safe," she said.

"Please contact the consular number so we know where they are and we can maintain a register of Australians in Paris at this time. The embassy is staffed, fully operational, and available to assist any Australians in trouble.

"No-one will be able to travel until the state of emergency and the closing of the borders order has been lifted."