Joe Hockey
Joe Hockey

Joe Hockey apologises for car comments

JOE Hockey has apologised in a 2GB interview for the words he used saying that the poorest in Australia "don't have cars or don't drive very far".

The Federal Treasurer spoke with Ben Fordham earlier about the comments, saying "I am really, genuinely sorry that there is any suggestion, any suggestion at all, that I or the government does not care for the most disadvantaged," Mr Hockey said.

"I'm sorry about that interpretation and I'm sorry about the words. And why? Because all of my life, as everyone who knows me knows, all of my life I have fought for and tried to help the most disadvantaged people in the community.

"And for there to be some suggestion that I have evil in my heart when it comes to the most disadvantaged people in the community is upsetting.

"But it's more upsetting for those people in the community, so I want to make it perfectly clear to the community that if there is any suggestion that I don't care about you or I have evil intent toward you, I want to say that couldn't be further from the truth and I'm sorry for the hurt."

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Why apologise? There was nothing wrong the comment.


I think it was a fantastic apology.


It sounds more like expensive PR to me.


I don't believe him. Not one little bit.


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Other Coalition and LNP politicians have previously distanced themselves from Mr Hockey's comments.

Far-right Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi called the comments a distraction before reportedly saying his own experience with his constituents painted a very different picture to the one Mr Hockey was painting.

Queensland Premier Campbell Newman also sidestepped saying anything substantive about the comments.

"Look, this government has worked very hard on one big issue and that is the cost of living," Mr Newman said.

"We know that this is a big issue for people and we have done a whole range of things, like freezing family car registration, like halving announced public transport fare increases that were announced by the former government, like taking $7000 tax off the family home, providing a one-off $80 water rebate. These are things we have done because we know that people are feeling it.

"I think governments have to work very hard and be very conscious of this issue."