Jetstar launches new $19 carry-on rule


No need to cause a scene and repack your bags at the check-in desk anymore. Jetstar has just increased its carry-on baggage allowance to 14kg, for a fee.

Jetstar passengers can now increase their carry-on allowance to 14kg with the launch of their carry-on top-up option, with the add-on priced from $19. That's double the included 7kg carry-on luggage limit.

Jetstar introduced its first paid carry-on option in 2018 allowing travellers to boost their carry-on by 3kg to 10kg. The new 14kg option replaces this option, and is available on domestic and some international flights.

The new top-up option puts Jetstar in the same league as Qantas when it comes to carry-on allowances - the full-service airline already allows its passengers 14kg carry-on on all domestic flights.

The new 14kg limit outdoes Jetstar's budget airline competition, Tigerair Australia, which allows passengers to increase their carry-on to 12kg.

Carry on luggage in an overhead storage compartment on commercial plane. Picture: iStock
Carry on luggage in an overhead storage compartment on commercial plane. Picture: iStock

While the concept seems like a major win for overpackers, there is a good chance it might cause a few problems on board.

The increased weight allowance must be spread over two bags - with no single bag exceeding 10kg.

Finding a space in overhead locker can already be challenging - but with the potential for double the amount of luggage on board, it could become even more difficult.

The airline rules stipulate the main carry-on bag must fit in the overhead lockers and be no bigger than 56cm (height) x 36cm (width) x 23cm (depth). And it notes smaller items should be placed under the seat in front.

Whatever you do, don't leave it until you get to the airport to try to add on the extra carry-on allowance.

While you'll pay from just $19 at the time of booking, by the time you reach the airport, you can expect to cop a hefty $50 fee for the same amount of excess baggage.

Club Jetstar members will receive a 20 per cent discount when they purchase the top-up as part of their flight booking. To top up your luggage, visit