Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner: Divorce isn't 'that bad'

Jennifer Garner insists going through her divorce hasn't been "as bad" as people would think.

The 43-year-old actress - who split from husband Ben Affleck last June after 10 years of marriage - doesn't think being in the public eye has made much difference to how she has dealt with the breakdown of her relationship, except she has experienced a lot of kindness from other people.

She said: "People have been so kind to my whole family, and we really do appreciate it."

Asked if it is hard to go through in the public eye, she added: "You know what? It's not easy to go through it, period. I have found going through it in the public eye, it's just another facet of it. For anyone when your life shifts in any way, it's tricky enough.

"But I have found people to be so warm and loving that it hasn't been nearly as bad as you might imagine."

And the 'Miracles from Heaven' star has vowed she and her former spouse will "make it work" for the sake of their children Violet, 10, Seraphina, seven, and Samuel, four.

She added in an interview on 'Today': "You know what, we're doing really well. Thank you. The kids are great. They'll be getting up in the morning and going to school soon, and Ben is there and he'll be taking them. We will make it work."