Sunshine Coast Wanderers welcome new defender Chris Jancevski.
Sunshine Coast Wanderers welcome new defender Chris Jancevski.

Jancevski wanders back home to the Sunshine Coast

After stints at Noosa, the Sunshine Coast Fire and the Peninsula Power Chris Jancevski is back on home ground.

The 25-year-old has signed with the Sunshine Coast Wanderers for the upcoming National Premier League season.

"Location was a big one, obviously travelling down to Brisbane and things like that gets a bit tiring," Jancevski said.

"But also I want to get the coast back on the map.

"The coast has got a lot of good players and a lot of talent coming out of it so it would be nice to showcase that this year."


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Last season's MVP, Jancevski said the decision to return home was an easy one.

"It's the highest rated club on the coast playing in the top division and it's always good to be wanted" he said.

"It was a good two years down there I definitely enjoyed it, looking forward to this year though."

The defender will now link up on the pitch with his brother Andre.

"The last time we played together it was at Noosa and we played quite well there," Jancevski said.

"It's good, he's been down in Canberra and I've been in Brisbane so it will be good to play together again."

Recently resigned coach Paul Arnison said Jancevski was a welcome addition for 2021 with the club all but certain to lose Mitch Cooper back to the Victorian league.

"I think Mitch is going to go back to Melbourne but he was fantastic from the first second he walked through the door, right through to the last game of the season against Gold Coast United, he was by far our best player," he said.