Delicious products from Jamie's Donut Kitchen
Delicious products from Jamie's Donut Kitchen

Jammy business a success

MARKETS have long been associated with exciting opportunities to explore, experience, taste local and international wares.

They are always artsy, lively and colourful, and a chance for families and groups of friends to head out together and expand their cultural horizons.

For one Coast resident, they had such an impact on their childhood it influenced his career.

As a little boy, once a month, Jamie and his family would head to Queens Victoria Markets in Melbourne.

One thing that stood out in particular was a doughnut van, you could see the full production line, the bakers cutting the dough, doughnuts being dropped into the fryer and then the jam would get ‘jammed’ in. It was the highlight of the trip to the markets for him.

Jamie was sitting at home one day recalling how much he enjoyed that time of his life with his family and decided he would try to make doughnuts at home … which initially didn’t go the way he planned.

Not one to give up, Jamie reached out to a local baker and asked for advice on how to recreate the doughnut he remembered from his childhood. The baker took Jamie under his wing and brought him into his bakery workshop and wrote down a recipe for him to try, after a little tinkering, that is still the recipe that Jamie uses today for his own extremely successful doughnut business.

Taking the Coast market scene by storm with his freshly made and freshly jammed doughnuts, Jamie’s business quickly grew popular and is now a staple in the scene. Jamie was also one of the first to put Nutella in his doughnuts, simply because his daughter doesn’t like Jam.

Now, with more than 16 flavours ranging from salted caramel to custard and white chocolate passionfruit, Jamie is also experimenting with some savoury menu items.

“One of the best things I get to do in my job is inspire people to try something new,” he said. One in particular is the Mother Clucker, a fried chicken doughnut sandwich.

Having been in business since 2016 Jamie witnessed first-hand the power markets have in elevating a location on the Coast. Considering a few short years ago people didn’t even know where Ocean Street was.

But due to the night market the entire area is now a must for families going out to dinner, tourists looking for a fun bar and young people that want to go out and dance. Jamie is also in demand at Festivals, fetes, University and other events across the region. For further information contact Jamie at

Another Coast based group, Business Mentoring Noosa is helping many local businesses through their mentorship program. BMN is a group of retired businesspeople operating in the shire for the past six years.

Jamie reached out to BMN because he wanted someone to bounce his ideas off and be held accountable. This proved to be invaluable to Jamie with the growth of Donut Kitchen as he had the guidance of experienced previous business owners.

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