Jamie Milne is gearing up for a 2100km run from Melbourne in 20 days. Photo: John McCutcheon / Sunshine Coast Daily
Jamie Milne is gearing up for a 2100km run from Melbourne in 20 days. Photo: John McCutcheon / Sunshine Coast Daily John McCutcheon

Jamie's set for the long run

JAMIE Milne at some point is going to run himself into the ground.

For now though he plans to run solo the 2080km distance between Melbourne and the Sunshine Coast.

That's the equivalent of two marathons a day for 20 days and, on past form, it's a fair show he will make it.

Milne, who with Leigh Stalker operates Jamie Milne Training at Warana, has every year since 2009 completed an ultra marathon in memory of his Nanna Mary who helped raise him.

By ultra marathon think around Tasmania last year a distance of 960km or two marathons a day for 12 days raising money for Ronald McDonald House; Gretna Green to John O Groats (Full length of Scotland in the United Kingdom) in 2013, a distance of 700km raising $15,000 for the Child Rights Society Kuwait; from Bluff to Picton (full length of New Zealand's South Island) over 922km which raised $7500 for Ronald McDonald House Auckland and in 2011 from Wellington to Auckland over 892km raising $10,000 for Ronald McDonald House Auckland.

In 2009 the former Royal New Zealand Navy serviceman ran the 322 km from Cairns to Townsville raising $10,000 for the Alzheimer's Association of Rotary Far North Queensland.

Jamie had originally planned to run from Melbourne with Stalker but the demands of their business meant that was not possible.

Instead a series of guest runners will join him for different sections of the course to maintain focus on what is the most gruelling test of endurance he has undertaken.

The run will leave Melbourne's Albert Park on September 18 at the start of Dementia Awareness month with a target of $20,000 set in support of Alzheimer's Australia, a disease suffered by Jamie's nan in her final years.

He will run on the first day with Josh Jones, founder of the Odin Sports Just Be Nice Project which donates an item of clothing to the homeless for every item it sells.

Rebel Sports has also thrown its support in behind Jamie's run ensuring he has a support team and a place to sleep each night.

Rotary and running clubs will also join in at different stages adding to a Community Kilometre Bank to assist fund raising.

Milne, a vegetarian, follows the training principles of New Zealand coach Arthur Lydiard whose methods helped the careers of champions Peter Snell and John Walker.

The focus is on the quality of training rather than what he describes as "junk miles” that just bring wear and tear to the body.

"I'll really give it my best,'' Milne said. "I just need to master my emotions and mind.

"People on the Coast have been fabulous. You couldn't get a better community than we have here. There are a lot of good people behind me.

Among them is another former Kiwi now proudly Australian Kim Morrison who will join Jamie the last half of the run.

Kim, the owner of twenty8 Essential Oils, holds the world record as the youngest woman to complete 100 miles in 24 hours.

The wife of former New Zealand Test cricketer Danny Morrison now lives on the Coast with both training at Jamie's gym.