JAMIE Milne on a lonely road early in his 1200km, 15-day run around southern Western Australia.
JAMIE Milne on a lonely road early in his 1200km, 15-day run around southern Western Australia.

Jamie's doing it tough on the road

JAMIE Milne was into his sixth day on the road Thursday morning and more than 400km into the 1200km run around Western Australia he has set himself to raise funds for research and awareness of the impacts of dementia.

Running in drizzling rain with the early morning temperature struggling to top six degrees he was heading to Kendenup Primary School to give a talk in a short break from the road before pushing to finish 80km for the day.

"I'm chipping away at it," Jamie said. "I'm into a bit of a shuffle today. It's just so cold I'm in a hoodie and beanie all day.

"It's pretty remote. We've seen five cars in four days and there's just been no reception at all.

"But people have just been fantastic as Australians are in general. Everyone's been really hospitable."

The ultramarathon man, who last year ran from Melbourne to the Sunshine Coast promoting dementia awareness and raising funds through his Many Miles for Mary Charity, has been dogged by rain since setting out from Vasse near Perth last Saturday.

Yesterday he visited Alzheimer's WA's Hawthorn House which provides a community model for dementia care in a home-like setting where nurses and volunteers don't wear uniforms.

The centre includes a men's shed and women's circle.

"I was well impressed," Jamie said of the simplicity of managing dementia by creating a warm and friendly house-styled environment.

He was making slow progress Thursday morning after having to get himself going after the visit and running a further 19km before wrapping it up for the day at 6.30pm.

"It was like getting a 1978 Mark 3 Ford Escort going," Jamie laughed. "But we've had some incredible donations come through in the past few days and that really keeps you going.

"Everyone's pumped at my gym back in Warana."

The run has so far raised more than $7000 of its $20,000 target.

Jamie's late grandmother Mary died after contracting early onset dementia, inspiring him to do what he could to raise awareness of the disease and money for research into its causes.

You can donate at: https://www.mycause.com.au/page/148617/mmfm-2017-west-coast-run