OUR SAY: It’s time for a rethink on planning

PLANNING a liveable future for south-east Queensland will require more than the State Government receiving a set of high-range numbers from its forecasting unit and going weak at the knees.

The Parliament's Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources Committee is seeking submissions to both Labor and LNP planning Bills which will be debated next year.

Both are weak in the discretion they allow to approve non-compliant projects and appear, despite the Government's stated intent, to favour developer interests.

A score card released by the Environmental Defenders Office and the Queensland Conservation Council makes those points clear.

Public transport, road networks, education, health and other infrastructure struggle to meet existing demand.

Planning not linked to a fully funded infrastructure timeline is not planning for anything other than increased debt and environmental damage for future generations.

And there will be no genuine consultation without a full and frank analysis of the impacts and benefits of continuous population growth.