Pig almost pulls wool over cyclist's eyes in sheepish video

AN ENGLISH cyclist certainly wasn't sheepish when she noticed some odd-looking animals on her weekly ride in Kent.

Lynda Barlow was pedalling past several sheep when she had to take a sharp ewe-turn - those weren't sheep, they were a pair of woolly pigs!

In video of the strange sight, Lynda gets up close and personal with the "gorgeous" animals.

While the video certainly is an eye-opener, this breed of pig, the Mangalica, is well known in parts of Hungary.

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They grow an unusual thick coat of wool, similar to sheep, with the fleece producing an array of colours. Totally not confusing at all!

The Mangalica pig almost went extinct in the 1900s, as their lard was used in many products.

But now that we've found them, we're hoping these funny looking pig-sheep get to stick around for a while longer.