Elizabeth Reynolds and illustrator Linda Wills with Noosa MP Sandy Bolton and Mayor Tony Wellington at the book launch.
Elizabeth Reynolds and illustrator Linda Wills with Noosa MP Sandy Bolton and Mayor Tony Wellington at the book launch.

Is this Noosa’s cutest koala?

MEET ‘Karla, the Coolest Koala in Noosa’ inspired by spotting her furry kind in the local national park.

Karla has been brought to life via a friendship spanning decades between author Elizabeth Reynolds (Fizzi) and illustrator Linda Wills (Lili) in a fun and engaging way for children, while also entertaining adults.

Karla’s story is an all-too familiar one – she leaves the safety of her Noosa forest to experience an exciting day’s adventure in Hastings St and beyond, but luckily has cool adventures.

Fizzi said koala spotting in the Noosa National Park has always brought joy to young and old so penning a story about this local treasure means locals and tourists can take away a memento of Noosa.

The story follows Karla leaving her tasty gum tree by jumping into a backpacker’s knapsack heading to Hastings St where she enjoys everything from croissants and coffees at a French cafe, shopping for sparkles and silk, hanging out with her friend, Chloe kangaroo and visiting the Noosa Information Centre where she is thrilled to hear about koala conservation and protection.

“While telling an entertaining story we also wanted to highlight the importance of koala conservation, particularly in Noosa,” Fizzi said.

“It was important to both of us to ensure that the book sales directly contribute to the conservation and preservation of the local koalas to whom our book is dedicated.

“Horrific recent bushfires sweeping through Koala habitats have highlighted, to us all, this appalling threat”.

Noosa Council Mayor Tony Wellington said: “I congratulate Fizzi and Lili on the release of this charming book.

“In recent years, Noosa’s koalas have commandeered the attention of scientists, animal advocates and the Noosa Council, not to mention passing tourists.

“Ensuring the longevity of this iconic species in our region requires a multi-pronged approach, with visitors and residents certainly playing their part.

“Karla, the Coolest Koala in Noosa will not only entertain children, but also help raise essential awareness about our local koalas. Of course the spin-off benefits of koala conservation assist many other species as well”.

The book is now available at the Noosa Visitor Information Centre on Hastings St, and available online at Karla’s website, www.karlathekoala.com.au with a recommended retail price of $24.99 a portion of sales will go initially to the current koala bushfire appeal.

Fizzi as a lawyer has always dealt in words while Lili has a magic watercolour talent, the collaboration was a natural fit and culmination of their friendship.