The Pomona Noosa Council depot.
The Pomona Noosa Council depot.

Investigation after Noosa council burns treated timber

Noosa Council has hired a third party to remove potentially toxic material from its Pomona depot after an investigation was launched into the disposal.

The Environment Department has confirmed it was investigating the council after officers visited the Yurol Forest Dr site on October 28.

It is alleged the council had burned and stockpiled treated timber at the site without the relevant permits.

Offences such as these could carry a maximum penalty of more than $3 million.

"Council has engaged a suitably qualified external party to oversee the removal of all waste timber material and ash from the depot at Pomona to a facility that is licenced to receive it," a department spokesman said.

Council infrastructure services director Carl Billingham said council staff had obtained a fire permit from Queensland Fire and Emergency Services before carrying out the burn-off and council officers were co-operating with the department.

"The DES investigation is still underway and we await further advice as to the outcome," he said.

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Cooran Earth Rights spokesman John Esson, who was unaware of the investigation, said logs treated with copper chrome arsenate give off toxic smoke.

"I do a fair bit of work with timber myself and this is well known - any treated timber you never burn it, and even working with it, the dust is dangerous," he said.

"We'll do our research and find out what the problem is.

Mr Esson said council in the past had acted quickly to any concerns raised.