Rock thrower claimed he was repeatedly yelled at by staff

SMASHING two glass door panels with a rock has cost Jason Paul Brown more than $1900.

Brown faced Rockhampton Magistrates Court yesterday charged with wilful damage after throwing a rock at the panels at a Rockhampton mechanic shop.

The court heard that on February 1 at 5.45pm, Brown had been walking past the businesss when he was allegedly yelled at by staff.

The court heard that Brown stated that this had happened each time he walked past the business.

The alleged taunting eventually got to Brown and the court heard that he had had enough.

After throwing a rock through a glass door panel, he came back and threw another rock at a glass panel. He was later found by police walking along Bolsover St.

Brown said that he became intimidated and should not have responded that way.

He was sentenced to three months' prison, suspended today and ordered to pay $1924.61 restitution.