Desiree Gill and horse Tosexyformyshorts.
Desiree Gill and horse Tosexyformyshorts. Renee Pilcher

Jockey Desiree Gill leaves a legacy of inspiration

GYMPIE jockey Desiree Gill enjoyed one of the most successful race seasons of her career before her life was tragically cut short in a race fall at the Sunshine Coast on Saturday night.

This year's season for Desiree included a victory at Gympie's most prestigious race, The Gympie Cup, with husband Barry saying she was in the form of her life at the time of her death.

The tragic end to Desiree's career leaves me not only sad but frustrated, because I know how much more she wanted to give back to the sport.

She told me two weeks ago how she still had plans to take on young jockeys and help the industry she lived and breathed.

After her win at the Gympie Cup which she devoted to the late Jim Connolly, she said she was enjoying the sport more than ever and was looking forward to the Roma races this weekend.

Tragically instead, just as she did for Jim Connolly, dozens of jockeys will devote their race wins to the much loved Desiree this weekend.

She admitted as much as she tried to retire from the sport; her passion and love for not only racing but the community was far too strong.

"I've trained apprentices in the hope that they take over but I just keep coming back and I guess I've given up on retirement," Desiree said two weeks ago. Her passion for the sport and her devotion to the industry she loved has left a lasting legacy that will surely be remembered by jockey's, trainers and the racing community for many years to come.