ROLE MODEL: The Surrender Dorothy team with Sharon Blain.
ROLE MODEL: The Surrender Dorothy team with Sharon Blain.

Inspiring lesson from leading hair stylist

AMONG the Surrender Dorothy hair salon team, Sharon Blain was basically a movie star.

The expert in long hair and wedding styles was present every day on the television screen at the salon, inspiring the stylists as a role model at the top of the industry.

It was that television appearance that sparked a conversation with a client, which resulted in Ms Blain visiting Noosa to hold a wedding hair workshop last week.

Surrender Dorothy owner Louise Turton said she was thrilled to host the esteemed stylist from Sydney for exclusive classes.

"Her best friend came in to the salon a little while ago and she saw her on our TV screen,” Ms Turton said.

"She said 'Sharon would love this salon' and her personal assistant rang me and we organised it in six weeks.

"She (Blain) is the best long hair stylist in the world.

"She's won the Hair Expo trainer of the year four years in a row.”

Ms Turton said it was the smallest group of stylists Ms Blain had taught in a long time.

"She's held a course in Disneyland for 3000 hairdressers before,” Ms Turton said.

"Sharon hasn't taught such an intimate group for 10 years.

"We had a one on one on Sunday with the team, six of us. She taught us all wedding hair.

"Then she ran a course on Monday and Tuesday, we had 15 hairdressers in here.

"All the places for it sold out in a week.

"Most of them said it was really easy to understand.

"She doesn't use a lot of products, she likes wedding hair to look natural - hair that looks like hair.

"It was very much a foundation course, very natural, very good to go back to basics.

"Even though she's so high up in her industry, she's very grounded. She praised people and built them up which was wonderful.”

Ms Turton said the salon is now specialising in formal hair and make-up, and will soon be offering mobile services to holidaymakers.

"We'll have a few that go out to units and apartments to do make up and hair,” she said.

"Out salon's quite vintage, it's more of a city salon. A lot of the girls that work here have travelled a lot.

"Women who would fly to Melbourne or Sydney to have their hair done now come here.”

Ms Turton said the workshops with Ms Blain were an unforgettable experience.

"To still love what you do after 40 years is an inspiration,” Ms Turton said.

"We are honoured and privileged to have such an amazing educator training our team.”