Photo: Chris Ison / The Morning Bulletin
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Imports threaten to destroy Australian industries

HANDS up those of us that along with farmers and aquaculture breeders said right from the beginning when our government allowed the import of bananas, pineapples, and the cheap but nasty Vietnamese prawn that disease would come into Australia with these products.

Did anyone listen? No way.

Now we have three, or possibly four if you count Buderim Ginger, industries on their knees.

Why is it that we take in these products?

Why are the exporters given more rights and less scrutiny on disease than our local growers?

Now we have these diseases we are stuck with them, family businesses going to the wall, all for the sake of a government looking good in the eyes of overseas exporters.

This is the most scandalous situation we are stuck with.

What is the response from our esteemed politicians is they will investigate - in other words, nothing.

Maybe they could donate some of their perks to these farmers, but hey, why would they do that as no matter what their commitment, they will be paid to sit on their backsides after their term and be spoon-fed for the rest of their lives.

No wonder the people are fed up as all they care about is themselves.