EDITORIAL: Important to discuss Coast's future

THE Sunshine Coast Daily is proud to throw its support behind this year's Sunshine Coast Futures Conference.

Earlier this year, after some heated debate about development on our Coast, the Daily started printing a series of reader-contributed articles under the banner - Our Coast Our Future.

They were aimed at giving you an unfiltered, unedited space to describe how you see our region in coming years.

We had plans of hosting a series of forums aimed at encouraging a positive discussion on all aspects of the Coast's future.

Importantly the Daily, like the University of the Sunshine Coast and the Sunshine Coast Council, has an interest in looking at the things that unite us as a region and seeing how we can channel these common interests as we map our way into the future.

By supporting the Futures Conference, which is already in its sixth year, it is our view we can build on some already outstanding work without fragmenting the discussion.

We have met the conference's keynote speaker Ed Morrison and are inspired by his philosophy on "strategic doing" and the premise of this year's conference "Getting to our Future."

We look forward to bringing you all the latest news about the event.