Chloe Heath
Chloe Heath

‘I’ll cut your brakes’: Pregnant mum threatens friend

A pregnant mum with a "mind boggling" criminal history has sent a tirade of threatening messages that made a former friend fear for her safety, a court has heard.

Chloe Diane Heath, 20, pleaded guilty in Caloundra Magistrates Court on Wednesday to using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence.

Police prosecutor Phillip Stephens told the court Heath had used her Facebook account and mobile phone to send threatening messages to a 21-year-old victim, starting on March 15.

The court heard the victim had reported the messages to police on March 19.

"Once the defendant's Facebook account was blocked by the victim, she has then sent threatening and harassing messages directed at the victim through mutual Facebook friends," Sergeant Stephens said.

The court heard some of the messages said "I'll f--- with your cat c---, I'll cut your brakes, slash your tyres," "I know where she is, I put a tracker in her car," and "I'm on my way, she f-----, I'm serious, she should be scared too".

The victim had not responded to the messages as she did not want to provoke Heath.

"Since receiving these messages she has feared for her safety and did not go anywhere alone," Sgt Stephens said.

The court heard the victim even changed her mobile number to prevent Heath from being able to contact her.

On April 7, Heath was interviewed about the messages and told police she never wanted to hurt the victim but just wanted her to f--- off and leave her family alone.

The court heard Heath was given bail conditions to not contact the victim in any way.

On May 7 at 7.24pm, Heath called the victim's mother from a private number.

"The defendant said 'tell your dog daughter she's gonna be dead, I'm gonna get my mate to smash her car and kill her and she better watch where she walks'," Sgt Stephens said.

He said Heath had a history of assaults, stealing and drugs.

"She has a history of being a violent person," he said.

Heath's lawyer Rod Morgan told the court Heath and the victim had known each other for 12 years through family.

"The circumstances were that the complainant had, I'm instructed, become too clingy and had been wanting to have way more contact than Ms Heath was comfortable with," he said.

"She told her to back off and unfortunately that didn't stop the contact.

"Ultimately she became so frustrated and it boiled over with her frustration that she forwarded all these messages."

Mr Morgan told the court Heath regretted her messages and was seeking help for mental health issues.

The court heard Heath had a five-year-old son and was currently pregnant with another child, due in October.

Magistrate Haydn Stjernqvist said Heath's criminal history for her age was "mind boggling".

"You are young but you're more immature than young," he said.

"You're very immature."

Mr Stjernqvist sentenced her to six months in jail, with immediate parole.

Convictions were recorded.

"I don't know who you hang around with but you gotta start getting some better friends," Mr Stjernqvist said.

"You need a mentor.

"Say, for example you're thinking of picking up a phone and calling someone a s--- or a b----, maybe you want to run it by someone with some sense before you do that."