OUR SAY: If you fail in school the world won’t fall apart

HERE'S a bit of advice from the future if you're receiving your school grades today: While results are important, if you don't get what you want, the world won't fall apart.

In our newsroom alone, deputy editor Damian Bathersby reckons he was a total failure in school, digital producer Tessa Mapstone said she felt like a failure when she didn't get the result she'd banked on and community engagement editor Shirley Sinclair said she nearly failed when here dad died halfway through grade 12.

Now, we don't for one minute suggest you aspire to reach the lofty heights of newspaper hack, but we are happy and proud of our chosen paths. The stress of yesteryear matters naught to us today.

For those amongst you who have different ambitions, we did what good journalists do and Googled notable people who did badly at school.

Bill Gates, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein were just some of those named.

While we may receive an F for our research efforts in this instance, maybe it will give you hope should you want to one day be a world-renowned genius.

However - whether you're a rock star or a road worker, an accountant or an acrobat - the best and most reliable information we can give you is from the University of Life.

You will be happy in life if you appreciate meaningful relationships, you live within your means, you accept the grass isn't greener on the other side, and you give back either in your work or spare time.