FEEL IT: Revival therapist Jaime Foster supervises  owner Steve Alexander on the Icaros machine.
FEEL IT: Revival therapist Jaime Foster supervises owner Steve Alexander on the Icaros machine. Michele Sternberg

Icaros exercise machine lets you soar like Superman

THERE'S a new exercise machine in Noosa and it's bringing a whole new dimension to fitness - fusing health science and gaming technology with virtual reality.

"The Icaros machine can be used by anyone from 12 to 90 and of all fitness levels,” said Revival owner Steve Alexander.

"It's a chance to fly through the sky, explore underwater worlds or take part in multi-player races with users all over the world when you've become more experienced,” he said.

All without leaving the comfort of the air-conditioned Revival rooms at Noosaville.

The machine puts you in a plank-like position, working your core and upper arms. After just 30 seconds there's a burn in muscles if you don't often use them.

"The Icaros plank has proven to burn 30% more calories and to double the muscle activity compared to stable kneeling planks,” said therapist Jaime Foster.

Each Icaros game includes a variety of modes and difficulty levels with durations from 1-15 minutes.

"You are using different muscle groups and you can make it harder or, for the beginner, you can take baby steps,” she said.

"It's good if you're time-poor because you get such a thorough workout in such a short time.”

Steve said when you first start out on this machine "three minutes is a very long time and you get a good workout”.

"Like any exercise the more you do, the better the results,” he said.

"I've been doing five sessions a week since we got the machine .... there's no limit.

"The machine is really good for improving core strength and works everything from your knees to your elbows.

"I am expecting it to be very popular because people like variety in exercise and with this you can keep increasing the intensity until you get to Superman level and then you can race people online.”

Jaime said being such a unique piece of equipment "it's easy to get hooked”.

"I'm fitter than most and I do four three-minute sessions, so 12 minutes in total, and I'm feeling it.

"You get great results in a short amount of time - it's good for strengthening, conditioning and balance plus it's affordable, effective and unique.”

If you're concerned, don't be.

Even this reporter was able to fly through the air, negotiating the hoop obstacles with ease (although less than two minutes was enough for my first attempt).

The following day, I knew I'd had a workout as I could feel it in my pecs and biceps.

"Most people are a bit nervous to start with but they soon get the hang of it,” Steve said. A 30-minute intro session costs $45, which includes a full explanation and supervision, while ongoing sessions cost less than $20.

Revival is at 63 Rene St, Noosaville.

Phone 5455 5655.