‘I have minimal contact with developers’: Tully

MAYORAL candidate Paul Tully says he has had minimal contact with developers and would have even less, if elected mayor.

Up until the 2016 local government elections Cr Tully was the city's planning chair but maintains that his contact with developers was deliberately kept to a minimum.

"You may see me talking to someone in the development community," Cr Tully said today during his announcement he would run for mayor.

"But I would say having limited links with the development community sends the right message to the voters and the electors of our local government area."

During the Operation Belcarra hearings, Cr Tully said most planning applications were not handled directly by councillors and about 900 applications were put to the council in the previous year.

He also called for developer donations to be banned in state and federal elections.


"I just have a view, in dealing with those situations, that developers are putting forward their interests, their personal interests, which often don't coincide with the community's interests," he said, during the April hearings.

"…Queensland should follow the New South Wales model of banning all donations from property developers to both state and federal candidates in that state…"