KEEN BEAN: Tim Adams is visiting coffee farms in Honduras and Columbia.
KEEN BEAN: Tim Adams is visiting coffee farms in Honduras and Columbia. Warren Lynam

The lengths - and heights - Tim Adams goes for your coffee

IT was not caffeine making Tim Adams' heart race a little as he travelled from farm to farm searching for the perfect coffee beans.

The barista brainiac behind Tim Adams Speciality Coffee, the Lamkin Lane Espresso Bar at Caloundra, and School House Espresso at Hervey Bay was feeling minor symptoms of altitude sickness 1700m above sea level in Honduras.

Mr Adams has been among a party of roasters from Australia, Malaysia, the Netherlands and New Zealand touring coffee farms Honduras and Columbia in quest for beans which will impress.

And he has not been disappointed.

"We must have met 30 small farmers and I've probably bought five lots of very high quality beans," he said of Honduras.

He said a late harvest high in the mountains in the El Cielito region produced good quality beans which often did not make it overseas and the farmers and roasters had much to gain from the buying trip.

"The late harvest is always of good quality or better quality but it sometimes does not get sold in big enough quantities to get exported," he said.

"This gives the farmers this opportunity to get the prices they deserve.

"Often, the coffee gets sold locally and they don't get the prices they should."

Mr Adams and two other roasters have joined with three farmers in Honduras to support them to build up their farms.

The roasters have committed to buying beans from the three farms and will source funds for the farmers to buy fertilisers and tools to improve their harvest.

"They didn't have enough money to fertilise and process their coffee properly," Mr Adams said.

"As a result of that, they've never really sold their coffee at a good market rate."

Mr Adams hoped to source more "special and unique" beans during eight days in Colombia.

He said he hoped to visit other countries of origin over the next year to meet farmers and source specialty coffee beans to build up trust and relationships with producers.

"It keeps it very sustainable."