WE ALL like to think we are expert flyers, no matter how infrequently we travel. But if someone was watching our every move, it's likely we would all make some kind of faux pas along the way, especially with jet lag thrown into the mix.

For one man, his embarrassing flight fail was caught on camera by a fellow passenger - and shared on social media for the world to laugh at.

The footage, which was posted by Larry Lee on Twitter, has been viewed more than 10 million times so far and shows the flyer struggling to fit his luggage into the overhead locker.

He is seen - unsuccessfully - attempting to cram the suitcase into the space painfully slowly, like a piece of a puzzle he can't quite fit together.


Here's the crux of the issue: The answer is clear. The bag simply needs to be turned on its side, as a helpful flight attendant swiftly points out.

The clip ends by panning back to a passenger who laughs and places her hand to her head, signalling a true "d'oh" moment.

Along with the humiliating footage, Sydney-based Lee helpfully included the comment: "Seriously, how do people like this survive in the world?!"

While many laughed, some were amused and fewer still cringed and called it passenger shaming.

One Twitter user wrote: "This cannot be real, how did he get dressed."

However, flyer Jamie Blanchard helpfully points out: "Did you think about offering help? Or did you just record and laugh? I'm a frequent flyer but I get that not everyone is."