High School Students Sitting Exam
High School Students Sitting Exam Fuse

HSC exams may go online for NSW and QLD students

COULD students in New South Wales and Queensland follow in the footsteps of their Victorian counterparts, who may soon be doing their major high school exams online?  

The Victorian Government is investigating a "one-stop shop" for school assessments, which would include the state's Year 12 exams - the VCE - to be completed online.  

The Herald-Sun reported state Education Minister Martin Dickson said moving online was "the next logical step". But Victorians may not be the only ones looking at phasing out the trusty pen and paper.  

The NSW Board of Studies, Teaching and Ethical Standards is walking a similar path to Victoria but warns the process is complicated.  

A BOSTES spokeswoman said the HSC exam taken by Year 12 students in NSW required more than 60,000 students in 700 locations to sit the paper at the same time.  

"To undertake this online, every school would need to ensure each student had access to the necessary hardware and software to guarantee the delivery of the paper and the return of the student's work in a secure environment," she said.  

"Online examinations would also need to be able to capture how a student shows their working out of solutions to particular questions."  

Despite the disclaimers, BOSTES concedes "this technology will no doubt become more prevalent over time". In Queensland, Education Minister John McVeigh said it was "inevitable" online testing would become commonplace "over time".  

However, he said it was not a priority at the moment.  

The Queensland Government is undertaking an inquiry into how students are tested, and whether the state's OP system needs to better align with the educational rankings in other states.