Ashley Robinson.
Ashley Robinson. John McCutcheon

MY SAY: How to turn an election into a pig’s breakfast

THIS column was about the election last week and it's about the election again this week.

To quote Sir Humphrey from Yes Minister - a wonderful political satire show in the 1980s - when he was talking about the European Union and the government of the time when he said "We do what we always do turn it into a pig's breakfast".

Well, 36 years later and long divorced from British rule, we have managed to follow their lead as this latest effort has to be the Monumental Pigs Breakfast of all time.

Just a couple of observations in regard to the way each side of politics behaved during the campaign.

Firstly, the Prime Minister calling foul over the opposition tactic leading up the big day.

Well, I may be only a dumb old bottom feeder but why didn't he do it before the election, not after the horse has bolted.

Where was he the week leading up to it?

I think Bill Shorten was working on the theory of "he who wins the war gets to write the history lesson" and the other mob gave him saloon passage.

I am writing this Wednesday night and depending on who is giving an opinion, I still have no clue on the result of this election.

Here is the thing though, at the time of writing the bloody result was on a knife edge with different sources quoting different sets numbers to the two major parties.

Fair dinkum, it makes the bunker in the NRL look efficient.

During the week I got that sick of trying to get the right numbers out of the media sources that I went to the Electoral Office website and got a completely different set of results.

To make matters worse, one of the gun political analysts had questioned the results on the Electoral Office but were told that they would make no comment.

Now I should have been outraged by this but what other country in the world that has had an eight-week election (apart from the USA where it goes for years) and gives the electoral office staff two days off directly after the election because they worked on a Saturday?

Here we have a country in limbo leading up to an election.

The people who are supposed to be running the country basically asleep at the wheel which, in turn, brings business and everything else in the economy nearly to a standstill.

Most waiting to see who and how the country will be run so these idiots give them two days off.

As if we can afford it.

We are deadest a country in denial.

Our debt is out of control and it seems both sides of politics are clueless to what the majority of the population actually want.

Surely with Sir Humphreys Pig's Breakfast results the penny may have dropped with the major parties and finally they may have lifted their well-fed heads out of the taxpayers' auto refill trough and realised that we have had enough.

Time will tell as it ticks slowly and expensively on.