BE AWARE: Know what to do if you're ever   in this situation.
BE AWARE: Know what to do if you're ever in this situation. DEAN LEWINS

How to survive a bushfire in your car

IT SOUNDS like a nightmare, but it can happen.

If you find yourself in your car, unable to escape a fire rolling towards you, the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services says your best chance at survival is to get down low and shield yourself as much as possible.

"We hope people never get into this position, but if they are we advise to get down as low as they can in the footwell of the car and grab any blankets they may have," a QFES spokeswoman said.

"Hold water with them and cover themselves with as many blankets as possible. This will provide a barrier from the heat," she said.

It depends on the depth of the fire, but most bush fires would take about a minute to pass over the car," she said.

"What we want people to remember is that it's better to be in the vehicle than completely exposed," the spokeswoman said.

"Once the fire completely passes through and it's safe to get out of the car, be aware everything else is going to be very hot so get out only once the fire has passed and it's cool enough to do so."

If you are driving and see smoke in the distance, QFES advised to drive in the opposite direction.