Queensland Rural Fire Service fire truck outside the QFES Gladstone Area Office.
Queensland Rural Fire Service fire truck outside the QFES Gladstone Area Office. Sarah Steger

How to prepare in light of the start to bushfire season

FIRE officials have warned people to prepare themselves for the start of bushfire season.

Acting Inspector of Gladstone Rural Fire Service Chris Artiemiew told people to check their boundaries and gutters.

He said sparks and embers could travel a distance of about 1km and could cause people to lose their homes upon coming into contact with a build-up of dry leaves and grass.

"Look into your own protection because our volunteers are going to be pretty pushed, so the more people can do for themselves in a proactive way the better," he said.


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"Put a slasher around your boundaries ... make sure the fire breaks are well maintained ... have a clear area around your house ... look at council's regulations to put fire breaks in, because whoever owns the land owns the fire and is responsible."

Adding to the list of dos and don'ts, Gladstone Fire Station officer Simon Pearson said having an up-to-scratch fire plan can go a long way.

"Know what you're going to do in the case of a fire, make sure you have a well-cleared area of low grass around your home, use caution when using sparking power tools, and people with fence lines, make sure not to throw clippings and garden waster over the fence because your fence will burn down," he said.

The acting inspector explained a decrease in bushfire numbers in the past three years could be credited to this proactive approach, saying increased public awareness and stricter fire permit conditions were partly responsible for the drop.