HOW TO: There are two systems Noosa locals can use to cash in their containers.
HOW TO: There are two systems Noosa locals can use to cash in their containers. Michele Sternberg

How to get your bottle refunds

SO YOU have a decent collection of bottles you are ready to cash in as part of the Queensland Goverment's Containers for Change Scheme but want to know the in's an out's of how to redeem in Noosa.

Currently the Noosa region's several drop off sites are contracted to two companies: Envirobank and Return-It.

Each have a different process so recycler's can claim their refund.

1. Envirobank

Envirobank managing director Narelle Anderson said through their Crunch rewards system customers can have their money returned in various forms.

"Customers can exchange bottles and cans for different rewards or they can cash out with a scheme ID or Paypal.”

Ms Anderson said the system gives consumers more choice as they can exchange their crunch point for vouchers including grocery, movie or JB Hi-Fi vouchers.

To deposit containers at Envirobank drop off sites, recyclers need to put items in reusable orange bags located on site or from a host store nearby. Bags are also available at the Noosa electorate office.

Recyclers must register online to their 'Crunch' rewards system. Once you have an account visit and enter your drop off location (For example, Waves of Kindness, Noosaville). You are them prompted to scan the QR code on each bag. Alternately you can manually enter the bag's code, then you deposit the bag into the pod.

Recycler's wanting cash in their account must also sign up for a scheme identification at the Containers for Change Website.

"We did introduce that people put 50 eligible items in each bag both so they know how much their will receive and to make it easier from our end to process,” Ms Anderson said.

"Customers can put more or less in their bag, we will still pay them provided they are all eligible containers.”

For those without a smart phone, Ms Anderson said if they cannot receive help from a family member or friend they will need to visit a depot or over-the-counter service.

There is no phone app available for Envirobank.

2. Return-It

Meanwhile at Return-It drop-off locations, recyclers are asked to deposit containers using durable multi-purpose plastic bags, (excluding black garbage bags) and create an account on the Containers for Change website.

On site you enter your ID and print a sticker to attach to the bag. Money is deposited directly into a bank account or donated to a charity of choice.

Container exchange locations are regularly updated on the scheme's website.

The drop off sites do not have the capacity to give cash out, that will be available when a depot site opens.

Noosa MP Sandy Bolton said COEX are working to find a suitable location and is hoping a site will open soon.

Containers not eligible as part of the scheme include wine bottles, spirit bottles, plain milk bottles (of any size) and cordial bottles.